Huiles dolivesThe Domaine Saint Vincent has an olive grove of more then 1000 trees which are A.O.P. Nyons (Controlled Origin Designation). 在Domaine Saint Vincent 庄园里有超过一千棵A.O.P.Nyons橄榄树。(可控原产地) The AOP Nyons olive oil is a smooth and fine oil. AOP Nyons橄榄油是光滑且细腻的。 It’s characterized by dominant aromas of hazelnut and apple, which gives a unique taste. 它的特点来自浓郁的榛子和苹果的香气具有独一无二的口味。 AOP Nyons Harvested from December to January, the black olive of Nyons is slightly wrinkled by the first frost. AOP Nyons 收割期为12月到1月止,Nyons的黑橄榄经历第一次霜冻后有一些褶皱。 This late harvest gives the olives a certain softness. 收割晚期使得些许橄榄更加柔软 Produced with only the Tanche variety, the preparation in brine or natural gives a ‘monk’s cowl’ color and a fruity delicious reminding of undergrowth. 只生产“Tanche”的品种,预先准备盐水浸渍具有一种自然地颜色,品尝它时能让你浮想似在灌木丛中美味的水果。



The Domaine Saint Vincent also offers tapenade in jars of 90gr. The tapenade is a speciality of the South of France that you can consume as an apetiser or process directly into your dishes. 在Domaine Saint Vincent 庄园里也提供90g装的tapenade,这是来自法国南部的特色菜,你可以当做开胃菜吃,也可以直接加入你的菜肴中享用它。