VSB ROUGE DSVDomaine Saint Vincent elaborates its VINSOBRES with a blend close to (50%) of Grenache and (50%) of Syrah. The entire harvest is destemmed. All grapes are vinified in concrete tanks with daily pumping over . The time fermentating time is 3 to 4 weeks.  After blending the best “cuvées” follows by a long aging process in specialized tanks.

Vinsobres Red Tradition 2013 06.Argent Medaille.Vins .concours.foire .Avigon 150x150Bronze 2015Gilbert Gaillard 90IWC Medal CommendedASIA WINE TROPHY gold Technical sheet   Caddie
Vinsobres Red Tradition 2014 IWC Medal Bronze06.Argent Medaille.Vins .concours.foire .Avigon 150x150Gilbert Gaillard 90 Technical sheet   Caddie
Vinsobres Red Cuvée St Pierre 2015 IWC Medal BronzeGuide Hachette Technical sheet   Caddie



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