Huiles dolivesThe Domaine Saint Vincent has an olive grove of more then 1000 trees which are A.O.P. Nyons (Controlled Origin Designation). The AOP Nyons olive oil is a smooth and fine oil. It’s characterized by dominant aromas of hazelnut and apple, which gives a unique taste. Harvested from December to January, the black olive of Nyons is slightly wrinkled by the first frost. This late harvest gives the olives a certain softness. Produced with only the Tanche variety, the preparation in brine or natural gives a ‘monk’s cowl’ color and a fruity delicious reminding of undergrowth.



The Domaine Saint Vincent also offers tapenade in jars of 90gr. The tapenade is a speciality of the South of France that you can consume as an apetiser or process directly into your dishes.



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